Why Choose NorthfieldWiFi?

NorthfieldWiFi® is a fixed wireless broadband internet service provider leader with years of experience and over 600+ systems installed. You can count on us to provide a safe and reliable browsing experience.

1No Bandwidth Caps or Data Allowances
Here at NorthfieldWiFi we don’t believe in bandwidth caps or data allowances with our system you can use as much data as you want whenever you want stream, download and browse better with NorthfieldWiFi.
2Blazing-Fast Internet
You’ll get a faster browsing experience, instant downloads and email access. Start downloading files in seconds, rather than minutes, with low latency and low jitter you will experience the Internet like never before.
3No Phone Line Needed
Talk on the phone and be online at the same time, You’ll never have to worry about tying up the phone again, plus you’ll save money by not having to buy another phone line.
4Site Survey & Standard Installation
Schedule your site survey and standard installation today. A certified NorthfieldWiFi installer will bring your system to you and get you started immediately. If you're not sure if you're in our coverage area Click Here
5Superior Customer Support
NorthfieldWiFi's Network Operations Center is staffed with experienced technicians to provide professional and reliable customer support. If you have a question regarding your Internet access or billing questions, contact Customer Support any time.

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